Tips for Decreasing Your Car Insurance Rates

Tips for Decreasing Your Car Insurance Rates

Tips for Decreasing Your Car Insurance Rates

There are many things that you can do to decrease the amount you pay for car insurance. Almost anything that makes you a lower risk driver will have a positive impact on your insurance rates. If you have managed to avoid moving violations or auto accidents for three consecutive years, you will receive a discounted rate from most insurance companies. Drivers who have students living with them can receive discounts if the students are able to maintain a B average at school. You can also save on car insurance if you have multiple cars on the same policy. There are a number of discounts that are offered by many different car insurance companies.

Install Safety Features

An easy way to earn a car insurance discount is to install extra safety features on your vehicle. Many insurance companies offer substantial discounts for cars that are equipped with driver and passenger side air bags. Anti-lock brakes will also earn you a discount. When your car has the latest safety devices installed, the risk of you or your passengers being seriously injured during a car accident is greatly reduced. That means that you will not have to make large claims for serious injuries if you are ever involved in an auto accident.

Anti-Theft Devices

Insurance companies also appreciate it when you install anti-theft devices to your vehicle. Something as simple as a steering wheel lock can deter criminals and keep your car safer. Electronic alarms are even more effective in deterring theft. Insurance companies spend thousands of dollars each year replacing stolen vehicles or repairing recovered vehicles that were damaged during a theft. If you can reduce the risk of your vehicle being stolen, it will potentially save the insurance company quite a lot of money. That savings can be passed on to you in the form of lower car insurance rates.

Driver Training Classes

Many insurance companies offer discounts for drivers who attend driver training classes. The classes can be in general driving strategies or defensive driving techniques. A driver who successfully completes a training class will be less likely to cause an accident because they will be more aware of their driving habits. The reduced risk of an accident makes it easier for an insurance company to offer a lower premium because there is a reduced chance that the driver will need to make a claim. Some insurance companies host their own special driving classes for customers.